For the love of poetry

the salt of your skin

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but for the entire month of April, I featured a poem in celebration of National Poetry Month.  For those who liked each work of art, thank you very much.  Poetry is something that I feel very close to as it always seem to echo the sentiments of the soul.  And it echoes each time with me.

You can relive the entire month here or click the icon on the right side bar.

Do not fear!  Feels Friday is still on.  For those interested to contribute, just email your work at and I’d be more than happy to create some space for you.

Please don’t ever ever ever stop surrounding yourself with the written word.  I say this because it has changed my life so much, not only when it comes to expressing myself, but more so with understanding others better…

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Lame a$$ day

Hey people… I have had the most boring day i found a trail and walked it and led no where like atleast take me somewhere exciting…. Well anyways i chilled with some freinds i dont really know what people expect but they sure as hell expect alot any ways i gotta run.. familia quiere a comimos adios jaja

My first blog

I honestly don’t even know what  I am doing right now.. Its school fucking vacation and all I am doing is sitting in my room because my boy friend went to florida. I guess i should introduce myself to you I am caity(Fake name because I dont want anyone to know) 15 years old I lost my mother this year and I am just finally finding a good place for me…..I’m not a loser or a nerd I have friends that mean alot to me… MY  BOYFRIEND is something we have almost been dating for a year in may… That is all I see on people pages about there boyfriends like no…in reality you are all alone no one cares