Knock me down

Dear who ever actually reads this

how  do you people pretend everything is oḱay? Life isn’t okay. NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME. I shouldnt have to tell people when i am hurting they should know but i guess you find out who is really there for you and I am gonna be honest THERE IS NO ONE THERE FOR YOU  when you need them the most you have to do it on your own I am sorry if this hurts your feelings but I know you want to believe you have people that care for you but maybe you do have people there for you  and maybe i am wrong  I hope I am for your sake becuase it sucks…bye guys talk to y’ll later



I am SO fucking pissed off right now its unbelievable. OKAY I am dating a guy who is best friends with both of my best friends ones a guy ones a girl and they are dating eachother.. So my guy best friend michael just texted my boyfriends james saying how me and james are inseparable blah blah because james want to be my partner IN A GAME IN GYM like who cares.. I am so pissed because i never say anthing about him and carly always together i never bitch about them being together all the time like who the fuck cares HE my boyfriend if i want to hang out with him I am going to so STFU… i have every right to hang out with my boyfriend i never stop him and bother him about him and carly but he feels the need to comment on my relationship get the fuck out of here dude like no your my friend i dont have to answer to you matter of fact i dont have to answer to any fucking body ugh i seriously am about to punch him in the fucking face im done rambling peace bruhs/brahs